churp churp

Dah Daftar Churp Churp? ANDA BERMINAT? KLIK gambar di bawah untuk maklumat selanjutnya. Siapa KLIK dia baik :D



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PLEASE ! I dont want back

Okay, just left another 2 days before I back to the campus, UiTM Jengka, Pahang after 29 days holiday. OMG, so freaking bored, and nothing there except studies. Please, I begging to you "holiday" please come again fasterly. To many thing to do. Btw, it my responsible as a student. So, no matter what I must struggle to make sure my result is the best. Guys, please pray for me. I hope next semester is better from last semester. Lots of love from Bulbul Marcello.

Dedicated to all students that lazy want back to their campus ! HAHA

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